Two Truman State University alumni have bestowed a gift of $40,000 which aims to be of assistance to the university’s internship program.

Scott Zajac joined the program in 1983 and Ryan Brennan participated in 1995. Zajac and Brennan in collaboration with Advantage Capital Partners, announced the gift will be drawn on as a stipend for the program participants as well to provide money for housing and living expenses. Each student receives a $2,500 stipend to help with costs.

The internship program is one of the most favored and unique study programs at Truman State University as it provides students with an inside look at state government as well as the political course of action.

Truman State University President Barbara Dixon commented in a statement that the university is overjoyed with the investment as it will increase opportunities for students as well as make a stable finance source for the future available.

While Truman State University was founded in 1867 the Missouri Government Internship program has been in operation since 1972 with more than 500 students having taken part in it. The program offers a rare chance for junior and senior students at the university to intern with a legislator, public official or state agency in Jefferson City, Missouri.

According to Mark Gambaiana, Truman State University vice president, the university intends to add to the number of participants in the program by encouraging further donations by other companies as well as previous graduates.

Truman State University offers under graduate major and minor studies, graduate studies, graduate certificate programs and a number of pre-professional areas of study.

Advantage Capital Partners, which was launched in 1992, is a venture capital firm that specializes in growth equity and lending in companies at all stages of development. Since its launch the company has invested more than $2 billion in different companies.

At Advantage Capital Partners Zajac holds the position of managing director while Brennan is a company principal.