Since the late 80s, Dacra Company owner, and CEO, Craig Robbins has achieved unfathomable improvements in Miami, Florida. Added to that, the north area of Miami’s downtown which was unoccupied and unnoticed is now transformed into a tourist attraction, noted as the Miami Design District.

To top this off, he has done a significant renovation to his Miami Beach home, which he has owned for over two decades. Prior to his marriage to Jackie Soffer ( — another top real estate developer in South Florida, Craig hired Julie Hillman and Walter Chatham to refurbish the two-story waterfront property.

Now, the family of eight is enjoying their artistic creation in the high-class Sunset Islands. Even so, Robbins and Jackie Soffer’s home visit displays:

• A contemporary-midcentury design, such as peculiarities and much furniture by Gio Ponti
• Furniture by Marc Newson and the Campana Brothers
• Another furniture includes a dished Ping-Pong table by Ron Arad

Craig clarified most of these pieces came from his schedule-setting pattern fair, which was Design Miami, set up in 2005.

A marriage connection in the making
So, Craig Robbins directs the transformation of the Miami Design District shopping mecca and Jackie Soffer manages the third largest shopping center in America, Aventura Mall. Furthermore, they had their places in separate positions in a lawsuit against each other. In spite of all this drama, Craig and Jackie dated.

In short, Robbins and Soffer’s marriage in the making became important above the ruling for him to pay millions of dollars or the private jet issue. Nevertheless, Jackie Soffer, daughter of Donald Soffer (the Aventura developer) continues managing the shopping centers in the country.

On the other hand, Craig Robbins, son of Gerald Robbins is going forward with his Dacra Development, which is standardized with the Design District. Thus, it’s a place that stocked with fancy clothing and furniture stores.

For now, Craig and Jackie are enjoying their marriage life since their wedding in the state of Tennessee. However, their companies have not made official partnerships on any projects. Still, some leases have been signed that would join different brands from both shopping developments.

But, this only means the best for Miami is yet to come from this Power Couple. Now, imagine that what began as a love affair between two multimillionaire retail real estate builders, with legal proceedings about a private jet ended in marriage.

In final, the twosome is enjoying their Miami home in the yard area with dining and entertainment while their children take part in the delightful action on their basketball court.