Why is it that people look for in Nels Olson and other executive recruiters to find top notch employees? Why not just post an ad on the local media sites and host interviews themselves? The two biggest reasons are:

Time – Suiting a top notch Executive takes time and there are several phases. Usually they begin with the resume review which will require analyzation and the ability to match skills sets to job requirements. Next is a phone interview where they will need to gather an idea of how they handle themselves on the phone and respond to questions. Most Executive Recruiters will then bring the candidate in to test them on their computer and conversation skills. If they are up to par, it would be time to schedule their in person interview at the hiring company. The in person interview can often times be handled by members of the support staff and not necessarily the reporting boss. If they pass this phase they would likely move onto a background check and be scheduled for their final interview with the owner, or person that they will directly report to. As you can see, this process can be very time consuming.

Relatability – Most company owners have never worked in Executive roles and can’t relate to the demands of the job position. However, most Executive Recruiters have. The best person to hire for a particular job would be someone that has done the job themselves.

A few recommended Executive Recruiters in the Washington DC area are:

Robert Half – True staying power. They have been in business since 1948. They have offices all over the U.S. and have a strong reputation and credibility. They perform all duties mentioned above and more.

Reaction Search – They understand the Washington DC market. They minimize risks and conduct in depth candidate reviews to evaluate the competency of each candidate.

Lucas Group – They are North America’s premier Executive Recruiter, serving mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients. They work across all major industries to find transcendent talent.