Grainful is expected to have a larger base of consumers due to their new investor partnership. The funds were raised on the platform CircleUp, which has just funded Grainful. The platform is based out of Ithaca, NY. The funding will help Grainful’s mission to help the world enjoy more oats. Their new oat meal kits are new to the frozen section of the grocery store.

The funding was closed at $3.3 million dollars. Even though the round has closed, Grainful is still working on getting the right teammates, partners, and investors. The lead investors in the funding round were Rand Capital and Advantage Capital. Leadership within Advantage Capital includes Ryan Brennan and Mark Scheffel. CircleUp Funds’ managing director is excited about the new partnership and its potential to reach millions more consumers in the U.S. and abroad.

The partnerships will allow the brand to expand while maintaining pricing. Grainful’s President and co-founder Jan Pajerski has mentioned that the expansion will expose many more people to the unimagined ways that oats can be enjoyed. The co-founders of the company feel that grains are a highly nutritional and underutilized source of food. They applied their knowledge of nutrition to the fact that oats are very receptive to the flavors of many cultures across the world.

Part of the goal of the partnership is to properly convey the nutritional power that oats have. In addition to expansion, Grainful is going to focus on better, more nutritional ingredients representing the flavors of the world. The company’s mission is to use oats to provide a way for many more people to eat well.

According to the company, they report that their customers actually get excited about these frozen grain-focused meals. The meals are inspired by globally-created dishes. Some of the more popular frozen meals include the Unstuffed Pepper, Vegetarian Chili, Tuscan Bean & Kale, and Porcini Mushroom Chicken. Grainful’s healthy oat frozen meals are widely available; you can find them on the company’s official website, major retailers, as well as Amazon.