The country of Jordan has endured an amazing increase in the population inside its borders over recent years. War and terrorism have chased thousands across Jordan’s borders seeking refuge. Literally, hundreds of thousands have sought safe haven from Syria alone.


While United Nation’s reports commend Jordan for remarkable efforts to stave off poverty, the country still feels the weight of so many people seeking aid. Here are three noteworthy organizations that helping to relieve some of the financial burden that Jordan is experiencing from this overwhelming need to support humanity.


Mercy Corps


There is a specific charitable opportunity seeking donations specifically earmarked for Syrian refugees in Jordan. The Helping Refugees in Jordan project is part of the Mercy Corps charitable foundation. They collect financial donations to purchase essential needs, plus help with sorting items like clothing, tools and other second hand necessities.


The HRJ project helps supply volunteers for schools and special needs people who otherwise would have no hope. From their efforts, many short-term volunteers are able to come to Jordan to provide the hands necessary to help these people.


Islamic Relief USA


The problems in Jordan reach beyond just the urban areas, reaching deep into rural communities that are often the hardest to help. Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) supports volunteers and the Jordanian infrastructure to go beyond just financial assistance.


IRUSA has individually specific programs that address the immediate needs of these people, especially the children. Through the IRUSA food security program, thousands of school children in Jordan now receive healthy meals so they can successfully learn. Another of the most glaring issues, refugees to Jordan face, is that of the children who have lost their parents.


The IRUSA emergency children in need program cares for the most devastated of all refugees; orphaned children. To be a child in a confused world is terrifying enough, but to endure these atrocities with no parent is unimaginable. Through the efforts of organizations like Islamic Relief USA, these children experience kindness that gives them hope in what is a scary world.


The Karam Foundation


Another dedicated organization that strives to build a better future for refugees and displaced families navigating to Jordan is the Karam Foundation. Since 2007, they have been funding projects around the world, and one of the noblest initiatives is their effort to help the children who have been forced to start their lives over in Jordan.


They offer sustainability models to teach these people how to better care for themselves. The Chicago-based Karam Foundation has helped support hundreds of education and business experts who have come to Jordan to expose less fortunate people to their knowledge.
United Nations statistics estimate that Jordan’s population has exploded over the last half century. With all the turmoil in the region, its borders are still witness to thousands who seek safety. These three organizations strive to help ease the burden on an already stressed infrastructure.