Funding dedicated to the relief of Muslims in Islamic regions is an on-going need. There are very effective charities that are making a difference in various parts of the world that need the help. Check out the work these charities are doing:

1. Mercy-USA for Aid and Development roots began in the late 80’s located in Michigan, USA. Only five percent of the donations go to fundraising and administrative overhead. Your donation will go towards health, nutrition, and access to safe water as well as promoting economic and educational growth.

2. LIFE is a Michigan, US-based charity that is dedicated to preserving human life and alleviating suffering. They offer humanitarian support all over the world including Islamic areas with food, clean water, clothing, temporary shelter, healthcare, and education.

3. Islamic Relief(IRUSA) is a US-based charity with seven regional offices located around the country and its headquarters located in Virgina. Its goal is to contribute to the end of global poverty. President Bill Clinton has been shown to endorse this organization and its values.

4. Muslim Aid is a United Kingdom-based charity founded in 1985 spurred by the drought in the Horn of Africa. Its vision is to rid the world of poverty, education opportunities for all, and providing the basic needs for any who need them. Its mission is guided by the teachings of Islam using a compassionate approach to those in need.

5. ICNA Relief USA (Islamic Circle of North America) focuses on compassionate and caring relief to victims of a disaster either home or abroad. Their goals include developing strong ties to other faith-based charity, governmental, and civic organizations regardless of race, creed or religious beliefs.

6. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies history begins in Paris, France in the year 1919 after World War One. It is currently the world’s largest disaster relief humanitarian organization. It responds to people located in disaster areas worldwide without bias to race, culture, religious or political association.

All of these charities are ranked 3-4 star on the Charity Navigator with a history of good work and being highly effective in their causes.