Executive recruiters are a unique group. Their work involves doing job hunting for some of the top corporations, but mainly organizations that don’t advertise openings within companies. The role of executive recruiters is to connect people with job opportunities. In the work force today, the best positions are part of a select and secretive elite sector. So hiring executive recruiters benefits the companies they work for, but also ensures a higher quality of people to be selected for key corporate positions.

In Washington DC, executive recruiting is an important part of the larger managerial structure. It is best to choose an executive recruiter such as Nels Olson with a consistent and verified track record for position placement. Most recruiters have a few years’ experience, but this is something to check for as well. Talk to a few past clients if possible, then try to make the best informed choice based on the information that is gathered. Don’t assume because of their location that all executive recruiters are created equal, this just isn’t true.

Here are a few of the top name executive recruitment organizations and where to find them.

CSI Recruiters are well known in Washington DC. This is a company specializing in business recruitment for top executive positions spanning across a wide range of industries. Focusing on networking regional and national clients makes this company well positioned for all kinds of recruitment challenges. CSI Recruiters is located in the Pennsylvania NW area locally.

RSI or Reaction Search International seeks out talent for the executive sectors in Washington DC. Their goal is connecting employers with professionals that are established in various new industries around the country. RSI works with some of the best candidates and specializes in searching out expert executives for corporations, they are located in the Rockville MD area of DC.

JDG Associates is another executive recruiter out of the Rockville MD region. Their reputation in Washington DC is particularly well known within the federal government and corporations specializing in government contracts. JDG Associates has placed over 4,000 candidates in new job positions during their years as a recruitment organization.

Finally, the largest executive recruiter in Washington DC is the McCormick Group. Their work is established and managed out of Arlington VA since 1974. The have successfully placed over 8,000 candidates in managerial and executive positions in Washington DC. The McCormick Group has a reputation for providing excellence in the modern executive recruitment industry.